High quality teaching

Is XX and XX leading university, our aim is to cultivate both specialized knowledge and wisdom of life of the talent, the

Unique academy 

The academy system is XXXX features, unique in XX university. The existing members academy meter have XX college, XX, XX

XXXX university (XXXX) was founded in the 19th XX years, for comprehensive research university, "combining the traditional and the modern, introject the XX and X party" for the mission, Dao li spirt, have a great ambition. XXXX teachers and students from all over
the world. A total of twenty thousand students of the spectrum, of which about three thousand people from XX outside of the different countries and regions. We also have X big local and overseas alumni organization, contact body in all over the world graduates XXXX. Is XX and XX leading university, our aim is to


Campus environment

The campus covers an area of one hundred and thirty-seven point three hectares, overlooking XX port, is all X the broadest and most green

Research praise

University research project all-encompassing and throughout every subject. The school and faculty to freedom for the industry to

Education college

Education college course with new teaching method is famous, and course covers the vast and deep content also enjoy high reputation. College has four departments and a 


The college of business administration

College is the education business leader, its two colleges and four departments provide is the best course. College offered mba course and administrative

并特设通识教 育,以拓宽学生视野,及培养综合思考能力

使学生在瞬息万变的现代社会中学院是区内商科教育的翘楚,其两所学院和四个学系提供的都是最优质的课程。学院开 办的工商管理硕士课程和行政人员工商管理硕士课程国际知名,一向在区内和世界位列前茅。